All The Doo Dah Day Take-Away

Online Kinder Program


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 1. What is the Together We Doo Dah Kinder Program? 


The All The Doo Dah Day Take-Away "Together We Doo Dah" Online Kinder Program is an online series of educational videos of songs/dances from the All the Doo Dah Day Music and Movement Program, taught by our founder Lynda Slavinskis, Masters Qualified Early Childhood Teacher and experienced musician. The Program was developed in response to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic and Victoria’s Stage 4 Restrictions to complement kindergartens’ remote learning programs, but is now available permanently and is perfect for regional kinders or kinders on a tight budget or indeed kinders wanting it to be "Lynda Day" everyday!  


 2. What are the main features of the Together We Doo Dah Program? 


The Together We Doo Dah Program is a series of fully interactive, online videos together with detailed guidance notes for educators and parents showing all the learning.  Kindergarten Team Leaders sign up on behalf of the Kindergarten and are able to share the access with all families at their kinder. Videos are not downloadable and are accessible only through this website via exclusive member only pages. New Volumes of songs are added every school term. 


 3. How Do I Create a Member Login and pay for the Together We Doo Dah Program? 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Together We Doo Dah Taster


Step 3: When you hit the “Buy Now” button, you will be prompted to create an account with All The Doo Dah Day.  You need to “Sign Up” by entering a valid email address and a password.  Please use the main email address for your kindergarten rather than your private email address and ensure correct spelling otherwise the system gets narky! This is the information that you need to “Log In” any time you want to access the Program.


Step 4: After you have created your account you will return to the payment page to finalise your payment. You can pay by credit card and you will receive a receipt immediately. We will also send you an official Invoice for tax purposes and reconciliations within 48 hours of purchase. 


Step 5: There is a little Log In section on the top right-hand corner of the website on all devices that says “Log In”. When you/families log in a little bell appears to show you are in!


Step 6: Only site members who have paid for a plan can access the Program. Log in with your email address and password then go to “Member Access” Menu Button next to the “Home” button and click on it – a drop down menu will appear. Go to the page that says “ACCESS: Together We Doo Dah” and bingo you will see all the videos!


 4. How much does the Together We Doo Dah Program Cost? 


The Together We Doo Dah Introductory Taster Program costs a flat fee of $120 (excl GST) per kindergarten for 6 weeks’ unlimited access. At the moment All The Doo Dah Day is not registered for GST. At the end of the 6 week period, your kindergarten will automatically qualify for our monthly subscription which costs $120 (excl GST) per month. Our monthly subscription gives you access to all new volumes which drop at the beginning of each school term, bonus videos, Lynda Songs Guidebook and much more. 

 5. How do I share the Together We Doo Dah Program with families? 


Once your Kinder has signed up and paid for a subscription, we will send you a unique kindergarten password and a HOW TO CARD for families. 

Families must SIGN UP as a SITE MEMBER of

Once they are signed up, they must send us an email with the unique kindergarten password and we will grant them access to the Together We Doo Dah Program. 

It's that simple! 


 6. Can I Cancel My Plan? 


There are no cancellations for the Introductory Taster and no refunds will be given.  After the initial 6 week taster, your Plan will automatically renew into a monthly subscription unless you cancel. Kinders can cancel their subscription any time after the 6 week taster by sending an email to us. 


 7. What happens if I can’t access the Videos? 


If you can’t access the videos, please send us an email to let us know and we will try to fix it straight away.  Sometimes, our third-party providers like the website hosting or video hosting companies will have outages that are beyond our control.  We are not responsible for any delays in you getting access to our website or the Together We Doo Dah program due to the actions of third-party providers. 


 8. How do we get more Doo Dah in our lives? 

Contact Lynda to book a face to face program post Corona! You can choose from one off incursions, 10 week programs or ongoing weekly programs. Click here for more information.



Thanks so much for choosing All The Doo Dah Day to bring some sparkle into your kindergarten community’s lives and to help you keep your community of learners connected. Hope you love the program as much as we loved making it for you! Please let us know any feedback via the website or jump on our Facebook Page and send us a message:


Love and Sparkles, Lynda xo