Lynda@Home Video Series
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'Lynda does the best music class'

Hi Lynda, it’s Amy, Andrew & Vivian’s mum here.

Thank you so much for the online music sessions.

Kids love them so much, as soon as they heard your voice, they said “quick, it’s Lynda, Lynda does the best music class! 

- April 2020

The Lynda@Home Video Series allows families to access Lynda ON DEMAND!


The program creates a very important link between the children's experiences at day care or kinder and their home lives.  Families can now learn the words to the songs being hummed in their cars on the way home and understand what the references to "Banana!" and "Oh Oh Oh" and "Fireworks" are all about! 

Lynda@Home is  available as a  monthly subscription for only $6.99 a month. Cheaper than Disney Plus!

You get:

  • Fully interactive and highly educational video lessons taught by Lynda, a Masters Qualified Early Childhood Teacher

  • Unlimited access to all videos

  • Automatic access to new volumes that drop every school term

  • Detailed Guidance Notes showing all the learning and extension activities

  • Member only bonuses including special LIVE classes, bonus videos for special occasions, free access to the Lynda Songs Guidebook and much more!

Plus you get these priceless things - a happy, engaged child and some time to yourself to have that hot cuppa, wash your hair or get dinner ready. Yay!

Now  it can be Lynda day EVERY DAY!