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Lynda's Zoom Room
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Doo Dah in Lynda's Zoom Room!

"Lynda AMAZING online during pandemic! >

They are such amazing sessions and the children are really enjoying it. It's just wonderful that you can include children at home and we can connect with them. We have definitely found our groove!

Monash Caulfield Childcare Centre

Lynda's Zoom Room brings you exactly the same learning benefits and fun as our regular face to face classes but on Zoom! All you need is a suitable device connected to WiFi, ideally a TV or projector that allows for mirroring of your screen and you will see the children's delight at seeing Lynda on the telly! Some children, especially those with additional needs or those who are less comfortable in group situations thrived in Zoom classes during the Covid-19 restrictions.


The added bonus of Zoom classes is the ability to include children and families who may still be in isolation at home leading to a greater sense of community. AND in Lynda's Zoom Room, Lynda can use her magic Internet Goggles to see all the children even if they are far away!

Now that we are back to our "Covid Normal", Zoom can still be used to complement our usual face to face classes to include children home sick, is great for regional kindergartens to access Lynda or as a way of bringing any community that is dispersed together.












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