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"Georgia's Here to Sing This Song Doo Dah Doo Dah!"

Georgia Thompson is a talented young musician and singer and Lynda has trained Georgia in all aspects of the All The Doo Dah Day program especially in relation to how we “learn through music”.  Georgia holds a working with children’s check and has a warm, sunny nature.  Georgia runs the program exactly as Lynda has but adds her own flair and personality to sessions too.  The children and adults who have enjoyed Georgia's sessions warmed to her immediately.  One day early in Georgia's training, Lynda came to a centre alone, the children asked “where is Georgia?” and ”where is the girl in the red t-shirt?”  It is clear Georgia has already made an impact!  We asked Georgia to introduce herself...

“My name is Georgia. I am currently a student, but I am taking a gap year to figure out what I really want to pursue as a career and get life experience! In the future I can see myself in many roles, and I hope that involves working with children and inspiring generations. My dream job would be to travel the world and live and work in places like New York, London and Barcelona. I love working with All The Doo Dah Day, because I love to see children get involved in music (my passion) and dance, being carefree and exercising their music abilities. I strongly believe that music is vital for children in their early years and will aid them for life. My favourite hobby is to play the ukulele which I taught myself. I make small one minute clips and share them on Facebook with my friends. I'm working on a Beatles ukulele medley at the moment, as they are my favorite artists. I believe the Beatles are timeless and have left an incredible musical legacy which I hope will continue to motivate young musicians!”

We are the music makers,
we are  the dreamers of dreams...
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