Early Childhood 

In All The Doo Dah Day sessions, the children learn many elements of music and dance like tempo, rhythm, melody and dynamics, but the children are having so much fun they do not realise the amount of learning through music and dance that is also taking place.  Early Childhood Settings can choose from 10 week programs, 4 week programs, one off incursions or for those wanting to embed music into their programs - ongoing weekly programs.  

Older Adults

All The Doo Dah Day now offers tailored music and movement programs for the elderly and people with dementia and acquired brain injuries. Service providers to these clients are invited to contact us for more information about our monthly, fortnightly or weekly sessions. We will email you specific information and costs. Grounded in the most recent neuroscientific research in relation to music therapy, our programs will bring the same joy and education to your clients as they do to our youngest participants.

Educators & Parents 

All The Doo Dah Day delivers interactive, practical and highly educational workshops and professional development sessions for all early childhood educators on integrating performing arts into their day to day programs. Lynda actually wants to do herself out of a job!! Parents can also learn the doo dah day way and understand how their children learn through music in our specially developed parent workshops. Please enquire about our presenter’s rates and topics.

Feedback from our workshops...


“I loved Lynda’s spirit.  She was so happy to be conducting the workshop and engaged everyone”


“Great enthusiasm and energy.  Excellent points about music’s role in learning”


“Practical.  Great ideas to use at kinder”


“I loved learning new songs, dancing, keeping it simple, fun, freedom”

We are the music makers,
we are  the dreamers of dreams...
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