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The Kids are going OFF!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

#whereisthelearning in Kids going OFF! Behavioural management in early childhood through music.

Kids always go “off” in our All The Doo Dah Day classes both in our face to face and in our Take Away versions! They dance with abandon, sing with gusto, giggle and squeal!

But they also learn the “OFF” position which is quite the opposite of going off!

“OFF position” is where Lynda says “aaaaand OFF!” and the children put their hands (with or without instruments) on their shoulders and don’t move an inch or make a sound.

OFF is introducing the children to the music concept of ‘rest’ where a musician or singer stops playing or singing for a moment in the song. We can have 1 beat rests, 2 beat rests, 4 beat rests and so forth.

OFF is also an excellent behaviour management tool useful for getting the children’s focus back on you or for preventing the wriggles and jiggles of more lively participants in any class - not just music.

Rather than “stop moving, don’t do that etc”, which can sometimes reinforce the behaviour, “off” or “hands in off position” is a positive behaviour management strategy that has enormous positive effects.

Children learn that it is a routine behaviour much like putting your hand up to ask a question which helps them to feel secure. Children can also easily teach their peers the concept of “OFF”.

Try embedding “OFF” into your own behaviour management strategies, especially when the kids are going off! Let us know how you go!

For more great tips on the possibilities for learning through music, our Lynda@Home Video Series comes with detailed Guidance Notes for Parents and Educators on just that for each song! Learn More about All The Doo Dah Day Take Away here!

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