Together We Doo Dah Online Kinder Program 

Together We Doo Dah is an online program for kindergartens based on the unique and highly educational All The Doo Dah Day music and movement incursions, developed by Lynda Slavinskis, Masters Qualified Early Childhood Teacher and experienced musician. 

All our programs are grounded in cutting edge neuroscientific research and progressive early childhood theory and pedagogy, with a focus on learning THROUGH music. Brain tests have revealed that music makes the brain more receptive to learning. Music can also:

  • support early literacy and numeracy;

  • improve social and emotional wellbeing;

  • build confidence and resilience; and

  • promote inclusion of children of all ages, abilities and cultures. 

 Together We Doo Dah does all this and more! 

Why is it FANTASTIC value?

  • Together We Doo Dah contains a collection of fully interactive video lessons taught by Lynda, just as she would in real life, available ON DEMAND!

  • The Kinder purchasing the program is able to share access to the program with ALL FAMILIES AT THEIR KINDER!!

  • The program gives the kinder something wonderful to gift to their children and families. 

  • The program provides a crucial link between kinder and home.

The Program is available as a monthly ongoing subscription and includes:

  • 45 minutes (Volume 1/Taster Program) of our most popular, tried and tested songs and dances for kinder aged children

  • The ability to mix and match songs to customise your own program base don the children's interests or to PLAY ALL for a complete lesson

  • A new Volume is added every school term. Themed editions include: First Nations, numeracy, rhymes and nonsense, diversity and dance.

  • Detailed Guidance Notes on all the learning, links to the Early Years Learning Frameworks plus suggestions for extension activities, making educators' lives and documentation much easier!

Special Introductory Taster Offer for a Limited Time

Only $120 to share Together We Doo Dah with ALL your kinder families!

This gives you 6 weeks of sessions and if you love it, automatically qualifies you for our monthly subscription (only $120 per month) to get regular new content, extra member only bonuses and much more!


Kinders can cancel any time!

Once your kinder has signed up and paid, we will email you HOW TO ACCESS instructions to share with families..