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The Doo Dah Way
Educator Resource Centre

Welcome to The Doo Dah Way Educator Resource Centre (ERC)!


This is a TOP SECRET place where educators who currently work with Lynda or who have undertaken a PD Workshop with Lynda can come to find: 

  • A searchable and filterable library of "Lynda Songs" that you can search by title or the name the children call it!

  • Links to the relevant Lynda@Home Video for each "Lynda Song" in the library

  • Learning Outcomes 

  • Opportunities for Extension/Lesson Ideas

  • Lyrics and Dance Steps

  • Audio Links to songs that Lynda has edited 

Our end of term/program reports have been streamlined and will reference this ERC so that you can basically have a one stop shop for all things you would normally ask Lynda for like lyrics, without having to trawl through multiple emails or Teams Chats - yay! 

This is not a publicly available resource and is reserved for current clients only. You must be added manually by Lynda. If you would like to be added please email us via the Contact Us page with ERC and your service name in the header. Please do not share the link to this member only part of the site with anyone without permission. 

Finally, let us know what you think so we can make this the most sparkly resource possible for you all! 

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