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Early Childhood Programs and Incursions

'Each week we look forward to 'Lynda Day'!'

Lynda has been working within our early childhood service since 2017. During this time she has built respectful, reciprocal relationships with children, families, and staff members. Each week we look forward to “Lynda day”. Lynda is enthusiastic and passionate about her role in our service and incorporates children’s current  interests into her music program, which educators can then extend further! It has been great to see children’s confidence and involvement grow as they explore their bodies, music, and a variety of skills, within a fun, inclusive, and supportive environment. Thank you Lynda for all the fabulous work you do (and will continue to do for us at HEY).

Hawthorn Early Years 

The All The Doo Dah Day Program has been specifically designed to meet all learning outcomes and practice principles of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the national Early Years Learning Framework. Our program is designed to take into account the children’s emerging interests and to improve their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our programs incorporate literacy and numeracy concepts as well as work on gross and fine motor skills. A key to the program is engendering a sense of community and respect for diversity and to that end we sing in many different languages including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages and our programs are inclusive for children of all abilities, cultural, language and socio-economic backgrounds.  


Children will learn songs, play instruments, learn dances, tell their own stories, make up their own dances and learn new concepts inspired by their interests. All The Doo Dah Day holds space for children to be themselves, use their voices and soar high. 


We are no longer taking bookings for regular weekly classes as our books are full BUT you can choose from these great options:


1. Our TWINKLE PACKAGE which offers 8 x 45 minute incursions which can be shared among groups over a year; and

2. Our ONE SPARKLY DAY incursions which are an unforgettable 45 minute single incursion.


We can let you know exact costs and inclusions upon enquiry. Just ask!

If you want to see your students mesmerised by a program and parents reporting that “little Jack is now singing at home when he never did before” or that Hugo hasn't stopped talking about Lynda, then All the Doo Dah Day is the only choice for your next incursion.

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