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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Lynda@Home Video Library!

Lynda@Home is a video library full of the most popular songs used in the All The Doo Dah Day Program, taught by Lynda just as she would in real life.


Lynda@Home was born out of a certain pandemic and was hastily filmed to keep the children connected with the All The Doo Dah Day Program during the lockdowns. It was originally released in Volumes. Out of lockdown, Lynda@Home has remained a touchstone for many families and educators who play the videos when Lynda is not there to engage the children. Please watch the video below to learn more about the Lynda@Home origin story!


3 years later and we are so very proud to present a much more streamlined, professionally filmed and recorded Lynda@Home v2.0 with great sound and vision, a search function and more! 

If a song is not here and you want it to be, let us know!

The NEW Lynda@Home is pretty easy to use you can find your fave Lynda Songs in a few easy ways:

  • Search by LYNDA SONG TITLE or AKA Title - which is what the children call the songs by typing the name into the SEARCH BY TITLE box then press SEARCH eg: you can type in "Oh Oh Oh" and Try Everything will come up!; 

  • Filter by TYPE which is song or dance under SELECT TYPE and suggestions automatically come up

  • Filter by MAIN LEARNING CATEGORY under SELECT TAG and suggestions automatically come up

Or if you're old fashioned like Lynda you can scroll through the alphabetical list and choose a song.


Click on the title and it will take you to the individual page dedicated to that song where you will find the Video and main learning outcome categories. 

We are planning lots of complementary products for Lynda@Home in the future including a song book and other merchandise so you can all sparkle at home as much as you do in lessons! We will also be adding a special play all "best of" session for those who just like to press play once!


Enjoy the NEW and IMPROVED Lynda@Home!

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