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All the Doo Dah Day is a unique, engaging, highly educational and modern music and movement program developed by the effervescent Lynda Slavinskis, a lawyer turned Masters Qualified Early Childhood Teacher and experienced musician. Our programs are grounded in cutting edge neuroscientific research and progressive early childhood theory and pedagogy. They are designed to satisfy all the learning outcomes and practice principles in the Victorian and National Early Years Learning Frameworks. Choose from our ongoing or one off sessions or celebrations.


Building confidence, coordination and creativity are amongst our goals and our sessions satisfy every outcome of the early years frameworks, but JOY is our ultimate aim. Think children (together with their educators and families) singing in different languages, dancing, and expressing themselves freely through music with delight that is palpable then rushing to hug Lynda at the end even though they have only known her for a day!

Lynda is also a highly experienced speaker and professional development facilitator on many topics including early childhood music, pedagogies of joy, business and more. Lynda's Educator PDs and Key Note presentations are amongst the most highly interactive, practical and joyful you will find!

To make things easier we have updated our resource centre. You may have received an email with instructions. If you are struggling to get through please email us and we can send you the password with instructions

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