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Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Learning through dance in early childhood. #whereisthelearning in the Chuck a Tantrum step?!

The Chuck a Tantrum step is remembered by children years after they have learnt it! I had a mum tell me that her 11 year old still remembers "Chuck a Tantrum" from 4 year old kinder!

At All The Doo Dah Day, we name all our steps.

Naming steps with quirky yet descriptive names help children to remember the steps and the sequences as the name serves as a prompt.

The children are able to make a connection between words and movement and improve their verbal expression skills too. They are also able to make a connection between movement and pure joy as they giggle about the names! The next step in our learning through dance is to have children choreograph their own steps and give them names. This creates a sense of ownership in the dance and honours the children's prior knowledge, cultural backgrounds and interests.

The teacher becomes a co-choreographer in the dance rather than an all knowing expert.

What is your child's favourite Lynda Step or Lynda Song?

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