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What Makes Us Special?

A Program based in Theory - Learning THROUGH Music 


All The Doo Dah Day is not simply about learning to sing in tune or dance the right steps.  It is a respectful and inclusive program based on cutting edge, progressive, neuroscientific and educational research. Children's cognitive development and physical, social and emotional wellbeing has been linked to music and movement.  In adults, particularly those with degenerative brain disease or brain injuries, there is significant evidence that music and movement can help to build new neural pathways.





A Teaching Philosophy Built on Happiness



The question for us at All The Doo Dah Day is: what can we learn “through” music? Building confidence, resilience, self-awareness, coordination and verbal and non-verbal expression are amongst our goals.  Bringing wonder, awe and happiness to our classes is our ultimate aim.

Our wish is for children to know and love who they are and not be afraid to show it. We seek to give children voices and to listen to those voices. Only then can children navigate and understand the big, wide, wonderful and sometimes confusing world around them.


We are not to be confused with the usual franchised music programs.


We are unique in our:

  • progressive view of and significant experience in education (our presenters are all qualified early childhood educators as well as experienced musicians)

  • energy;

  • passion;

  • love and respect for children and older adults;

  • song choices and use of contemporary and culturally diverse music;

  • use of free dance backed by our own founder's significant action research project;

  • integration of the latest neuroplasticity research findings into our programs;

  • ability to tap into our student’s interests to develop a truly emergent curriculum to complement and     enhance existing programs within any setting; and

  • inclusivity.


The shyest child, the child with additional needs or living with a disability, the child from a language background other than English, the client with severe dementia or unable to speak due to a stroke - all will not only come out of their shells but flourish.  They will be transformed. We have experienced the transformative effect of our program so many times, we are tempted to guarantee the program’s success for every single person who experiences it…but we are not car salesmen, we are educators who are passionate about the power of the performing arts, so we will leave it to you to experience our special kind of magic for yourself in your own time!


We will say though that our founder and lead presenter Lynda has a special energy that is mesmerising and infectious. Children and adults flock to her like the Pied Piper. They remember the program years after they have experienced it!


Neuroscientist Frank Wilson has scanned children’s brains doing different activities.  When children read words, the language centre of the brain lights up, but when they read music or sing the words, the entire brain lights up like a Christmas tree!





Watch this little video to see how much children, parents and educators all burst with happiness with All The Doo Dah Day then read on to learn more about Lynda!

Red Lynda logo .jpeg
Who is Lynda?

"Lynda's here to sing this song doo dah doo dah!"

Lynda Slavinskis, our founder and lead presenter is:

  • A Masters Qualified Early Childhood Teacher 

  • A talented and experienced singer and musician. Lynda has performed extensively around Australia and overseas. She studied classical and contemporary voice into adulthood and has also studied all genres of dance. She studied the electronic organ and music theory for many years and was very good at it. She studied the violin for a few years at high school and was not so good at that!

  • A lawyer of 16 years experience working for large corporations such as Sussan Corporation and Tattersalls and in her own successful business law firm Lynda Slavinskis Lawyers and Consultants (LSLC) for a decade until selling in 2013 to dedicate her life to education of young children;

  • A popular and engaging presenter and motivational speaker on early childhood education, business and overcoming various traumas in life including socio-economic disadvantage, infertility, chronic pain, as well as her own journey to complete authenticity and happiness;

  • Victorian finalist Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards 2006;

  • Member of Small Business Advisory Council to the Victorian Small Business Minister for 2 successive terms between 2005 and 2010;

  • President Ashburton Traders Association 2008 and 2012;

  • Past board member of The Craig Family Centre Inc, Alfred Road Kindergarten and Mission Massimo Foundation;

  • Co-founder of The Edge Charitable Fund, a charity established to assist disadvantaged children in the Ashburton, Ashwood and Chadstone areas to access educational and co-curricular services;

  • An old MacRob girl;

  • Wife to Peter, mum to Elijah and fur mum to Luna the Black Cavoodle and Frankie the Bengal Cat;

  • Obsessed with Broome and Paris, the theatre, succulents, the veggie patch, swimming and reading (for more on Lynda's life and loves head on over to our Facebook Page where she often shares stories so you can get to know her better).

Now that we've got all the credentials out of the way.... you might want to know why a successful lawyer would kick it all in to become an early childhood educator and develop a music program for young children? Watch below for All The Doo Dah Day's origin story. 

Our Story - A Little Voice Lost

“Stop talking in that baby voice!”


“Talk properly!”

“But that is my real voice!”


Lynda Slavinskis, founder of All The Doo Dah Day was a clever and talented young girl. She loved to sing and she loved to read.  When she sang her voice was unusually deep and powerful for a little girl.  But when she spoke she had a tiny high pitched voice like a chipmunk. 


At school Lynda was ostracised for being the smart kid until she learnt that by dumbing herself down and being funny, kids would be friends with her.