Learning through Music                    
Learning to do Music


All The Doo Dah Day is not simply about learning to sing in tune or dance the right steps.  It is a respectful and inclusive program based on cutting edge, progressive, neuroscientific and educational research. Children's cognitive development and physical, social and emotional wellbeing has been linked to music and movement.  In adults, particularly those with degenerative brain disease or brain injuries, there is significant evidence that music and movement can help to build new neural pathways.


The question for us at All The Doo Dah Day is: what can we learn “through” music? Building confidence, resilience, self-awareness and language skills are amongst our goals.  Bringing wonder, awe and happiness to our classes is our ultimate aim.


We are not to be confused with the usual franchised pre-school music programs.


We are unique in our:

  • energy;

  • passion;

  • love and respect of children and older adults;

  • use of contemporary music;

  • use of free dance;

  • progressive view of and significant experience in education;

  • integration of the latest research findings about neuroplasticity into our programs;

  • ability to tap into our student’s interests to develop a truly emergent curriculum to complement and     enhance existing programs within any setting; and

  • our ability to bring the gifts that reside in each individual out of them in a fun, caring and creative way.


The shyest child, the child with additional needs, the child from a language background other than English, the client with severe dementia or unable to speak due to a stroke - all will not only come out of their shells but flourish.  They will be transformed. We have experienced the transformative effect of our program so many times, we are tempted to guarantee the program’s success for every single person who experiences it…but we are not car salesmen, we are educators who are passionate about the power of the performing arts, so we will leave it to you to experience our special kind of magic for yourself in your own time!


We will say though that our founder and lead presenter Lynda has a special energy that is mesmerising and infectious. Children and adults flock to her like the Pied Piper. They remember the program years after they have experienced it!

Neuroscientist Frank Wilson has scanned children’s brains doing different activities.  When children read words, the language centre of the brain lights up, but when they read music, the entire brain lights up like a Christmas tree!

We are the music makers,
we are  the dreamers of dreams...
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